Do you want the Feedbucket widget to have your companies colors and use your own logo for the emails? Then you need to create a theme and apply it to your project.

Create a theme

Go to Team Settings > Branding by clicking on your avatar to your top right, then Team settings in the dropdown, and finally click Branding to your left in the navigation as seen below.

Create a new theme

  1. Enter a name for the theme.
  2. Optionally, you can enter a URL to your logo here. This logo will be used in all email communication from the project with this theme.
  3. Set the primary color. This color will be used in the View all feedback sidepanel. This will also be used as the color on all primary buttons.
  4. Set the Primary Text Color. This color will be used on top of the primary color. For example on all primary buttons and in the View all feedback sidepanel.
  5. Set the Secondary Text Color. On the View all feedback sidepanel this will be the color for the icons. We recommend you to have different colors for Primary Text Color and Secondary Text Color to make the icons not stand out as much.
  6. Do you want to show the Powered By Feedbucket section? We greatly appreciate it if you do because it helps us get some visibility. However, we totally get it if you don't want it.
  7. Set if you want this to be a default theme or not. You can only have one default theme for your Team. If you set this as a default theme that means when you create a new project this theme will automatically be applied.

    {info} Note that if you set a default theme you will have to go into all of your existing projects and select the theme. Default will only be on new projects created after creating the default theme.

  8. You can create as many themes as you want to support all of your businesses.

Handle themes

After you have created one or more themes you will see a box for handling them as seen in the screenshot below.

Handles themes

Click on Edit to update an existing theme or Remove to delete it.

{info} Note that if you delete a theme that is currently in use, that project will get the Feedbucket default theme instead.

Apply the theme to projects

When you have created a theme, it's time to apply that theme to your project for the widget to be branded according to the theme. Go to the settings of your project and select the correct theme from the dropdown list and click save, as seen in the screenshot below.

Apply the theme to your project.