Use Feedbucket on production websites

When you install Feedbucket the widget will be visible to everyone that comes to the website. This is the prefered behaviour on staging or test sites but not on production sites.

On production sites you only want to show Feedbucket to visitors of your choosing. There's a few methods to achieve this as we will look at below.

Trigger by a query string

The easiest way is to only show Feedbucket when the visitor enteres a specific secret code as a parameter. For example, if the visitor goes to Feedbucket will NOT show. However, if the visitor enteres, Feedbucket will load like normal.


  1. Go to your project settings and click through to the Widget settings.
  2. Under the section Trigger Feedbucket using a query string click Yes as seen in the screenshot below.
  3. Use the generated secret or enter your own.
  4. Click Save.

Set up triggering Feedbucket using a query string


If a visitor comes to your website with query trigger activated Feedbucket will not load.

If you tell the person that you want to submit feedbucket to append the secret key that you entered in #3 above like{secret}, Feedbucket will load normally.

A cookie will be saved for the visitor so that when they navigate around your website, Feedbucket will still be visible even though the feedbucketKey is not present in the URL anymore.