Google Tag Manager Installation


You can easily add the Feedbucket script tag using Google Tag Manager. Just follow the steps below.


  1. Log into your Google Tag Manager account and select the container where you want to install Feedbucket.
  2. Click on New Tag as shown in the screenshot below.

Click on New Tag

  1. Set a name for your new tag and select the Tag Type of Custom HTML as shown in the screenshot below.

Enter a name for the tag and use Custom HTML as type

  1. Find your feedbucket project key. This can be found if you navigate to the installation page inside of Feedbucket and copy what's inside of data-feedbucket in the script. See the screenshot below as an example where the feedbucket project key would be gwXluMRet5OmA69KTXI.

Find your project key

  1. Enter the below code into the HTML section in Google Tag Manager as seen on the image at step 3. Make sure that you change the YOUR_PROJECT_KEY_FROM_STEP_4 to the key the project key that you found in step 4.

    (function(k) {
  2. Make sure you have All Pages as the section Triggering as seen below. This will trigger Feedbucket on all pages where GTM is installed.

Decide on what pages Feedbucket should be visible.

  1. Click on Save to store your new tag.

  2. Click on Submit to publish the new tag.

  3. You might have to clear your browser cache to see Feedbucket installed through Google Tag Manager.