Shopify Installation


You can easily add Feedbucket to your Shopify store by adding the script in header.liquid. Follow the below steps to get started.


  1. Log into your Shopify account
  2. In the navigation find your store and then click on Themes like below screenshot.

Click on Themes

  1. Under your Current Theme find the button Actions and then click Edit Code like below screenshot.

Click on Edit Code

  1. In the search bar type in header.liquid and open that file by clicking on it.

Open the header.liquid file

  1. Copy the Feedbucket script tag by going to your project > installation > Add the script code manually on and paste it into the top of the file. Then click Save.

Copy and paste the Feedbucket script tag

  1. The Feedbucket script should not be installed so when you visit your site you should see Feedbucket loading. Happy feedbacking!