Asana Integration


  1. Go to your project and then click the tab Integrations.

  2. On the integrations page click the button Connect next to Asana as show in the image below. Connect Asana integration to your project.

  3. If this is the first time you are connecting Feedbucket and Asana you will be redirected to Asana where you have to allow Feedbucket. Once the connection between Feedbucket and Asana has been established you will be redirected back to Feedbucket. Connect your Asana account with Feedbucket

  4. You will now see a green bar on the Asana integration that indicates that the connection is made. The settings should have opened automatically but in case it doesn't, click on the Settings button to start configuring the Asana connection for this project.


Configure the connection between Feedbucket and Asana

  1. Select the Workspace. If you only allowed one Workspace when connecting Feedbucket there should only be one value here.
  2. Select the project.
  3. Select what section Feedbucket should create new tasks in. The sections will update when you change projects.
  4. The resolve section is probably the only thing that might be a bit confusing. This is the section that Feedbucket should associate with a feedback being resolved. If feedback is resolved in Feedbucket we will mark the task as complete and move it to this section.
  5. Optionally, you can select a user that will be assigned to all the tasks created by Feedbucket. We fetch the users from the workspace you selected in #1.

Using the integration

New feedback created

Whenever new feedback is created in Feedbucket, a task will be created in the section that you configured in step #3. The task will have all technical information and the screenshot or video will be added as an attachment.

{info} Note that the task will be created with the Asana account that you connected Feedbucket and Asana with.

New comment created

Whenever a new comment is created in Feedbucket, it will be attached to the Asana task automatically.

There's a 2-way sync here as well. If you add a comment to the task that starts with @feedbucket this will be synced back to Feedbucket. Therefore, you can answer comments from within Asana if you like. Watch the video to see this in action.

Feedback resolved

If the feedback gets resolved from Feedbucket, the task will automatically be marked as completed and moved to the section that you configured in step #4.

There's a 2-way sync here as well. If you mark the task as completed from within Asana, it will be resolved in Feedbucket.

Feedback unresolved

If the feedback gets unresolved from Feedbucket the task will not be marked as completed anymore and it will be moved to the Open Section that you configured in step #3.

There's a 2-way sync here as well. If you reopen the task in Asana it will be unresolved in Feedbucket.


What permissons are required to integrate with Asana?

Admin permissions are required to the Asana project that you want to connect with.


When the Asana integration is active you will see a button for Disconnect. Click this to disconnect your Asana integration with this project. Disconnect the Asana and Feedbucket integration