ClickUp Integration


  1. Go to your project and then click the tab Integrations.

  2. On the integrations page click the button Connect next to ClickUp as show in the image below. Connect ClickUp integration to your project.

  3. If this is the first time you are connecting Feedbucket and ClickUp you will be redirected to ClickUp where you have to allow Feedbucket. Select your workspace and then click the button Connect Workspace like shown below. Once the connection between Feedbucket and ClickUp has been established you will be redirected back to Feedbucket. Connect your workspace with Feedbucket

  4. You will now see a green bar on the ClickUp integration that indicates that the connection is made. Click on Settings to configure the integration. Green border indicates a successful connection


Configure the connection between Feedbucket and ClickUp

  1. Select the Workspace. If you only allowed one Workspace when connecting Feedbucket there should only be one value here.
  2. Select the space.
  3. Select what list Feedbucket should create new tasks in. The list will be updated when you change space.
  4. The resolve status type is probably the only thing that might be a bit confusing. This is the status type that Feedbucket should associate with a feedback being resolved. By default that type in ClickUp is Closed but it can also be Done. You can view your settings in Manage Statuses in your list at ClickUp. See more here.

Using the integration

New feedback created

Whenever new feedback is created in Feedbucket a task will be created in the list that you configured. The task will have all technical information and the screenshot or video will be added as an attachment.

{info} Note that the task will be created with the ClickUp account that you used for the integration.

New comment created

Whenever a new comment is created in Feedbucket it will be attached to the ClickUp task automatically.

There's a 2-way sync here as well. If you add a comment to the task that starts with @feedbucket this will be synced back to Feedbucket. Therefore, you can answer comments from within ClickUp if you like.

Feedback resolved

If the feedback gets resolved from Feedbucket the task will automatically get the status with the correct status type from #4 during the configuration.

There's a 2-way sync here as well. If you put the task in ClickUp to the status type configured in #4 it will send a notification to Feedbucket and mark this task as resolved as well.

Feedback unresolved

If the feedback gets unresolved from Feedbucket the task will automatically get the status that has status type of Open.

There's a 2-way sync here as well. If you move the task in ClickUp from a Done or Completed status to something else, a notification will be sent to Feedbucket that marks the feedback as unresolved.


What permissons are required to integrate with ClickUp?

Admin permissions are required to the ClickUp project that you want to connect with.


When the ClickUp integration is active you will see a button for Disconnect. Click this to disconnect your ClickUp integration. Disconnect the ClickUp and Feedbucket integration