Email Integration


  1. Go to your project and then click the tab Integrations.
  2. On the integrations page click the button Connect next to Email notifications as shown on the screenshot below.

Connect email integration to your project.


Add the email recipients

Enter the reciipients of email notifications. You can enter multiple email addresses by clicking the Add recipient button as seen in the screenshot below. If you need to remove a recipient click on the X to the right of the recipients box. You also need to enter the different events that the recipient should get an email notification for. The different events are:

  • Feedback created
  • Comment created
  • Feedback resolved
  • Feedback unresolved.

Add the email recipients

Mute notifications from some reporters

If you have email notifications enabled for your project you might get doubble notifications when events are triggered on feedback that you have submitted yourself. You get one notification from the regular Feedbucket notification system and one from your email integration. To avoid this you can mute notifications that are created from certain email addresses (often from yourself.) Enter the same email address that you use when submitting feedback on your project to mute notifications coming from yourself. You can enter multiple addresses with a comma seperated list as seen in the screenshot below.

Mute notifications from some reporter


When the email notifications integration is active you will see a button for Disconnect. Click this to disconnect your email notifications integration.

{danger.fa-close} Your configuration will be deleted when you disconnect the integration and can not be retrieved again.