Slack Integration


  1. Go to your project and then click the tab Integrations.
  2. On the integrations page click the button Connect next to Slack.
  3. If this is the first time you are connecting Feedbucket and Slack you will be redirected to Slack where you have to allow Feedbucket. Click allow, and you should be redirected back to Feedbucket and see a green border around the Slack integration indicating that the connection was made as in the screenshot shown below.

Connect slack integration to your project.

  1. Now click on the button Settings to configure your slack integration for this project.


Select the Slack channel where Feedbucket will post

After clicking on settings a window will open where you select the channel that Feedbucket should post all information in.

Select the Slack channel where Feedbucket will post

Feedbucket will now post a message in the selected channel with all relevant information when:

  • New feedback was created.
  • New comment was created.
  • Feedback was resolved.
  • Feedback was unresolved.


When the slack integration is active you will see a button for Disconnect. Click this to disconnect your slack integration.